Tanner's Troopers Fundraiser

River Pediatric Therapies participated as a table sponsor at Tanner's Troopers Fundraiser. Tanner holds a special place in River's hearts because he comes to us for all therapy. Tanner had been a part of an experimental clinical drug trial in California. He has logged over 15,680 airline miles, overnight stays, and has endured tests and observations.

In reality, it is a small price to pay in search for a cure of Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration (PKAN).  This event was unlike any other event River Pediatric Therapies has been involved with. As a sponsor, we were asked to decorate our table in a Disney character theme, in which we chose Finding Nemo. 

All of the tables looked amazing!

We were grateful to have the opportunity to help, and had so much fun doing it. Thank you, Tanner, for such a wonderful luncheon and experience!