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I write today to express my sincerest gratitude for my therapist. I first learned of River Pediatric through our physician after a disappointing experience with another therapy group. My little boy, Robert, struggled with speech issues and the other therapy group failed to treat him as a priority. After months of therapy with very little progress, they ‘diagnosed’ Robert with dyslexia and without physician involvement or my consent, began treating him as such in their sessions without my knowledge. He lost interest in Preschool, quit socializing with friends, began forgetting or ignoring all the alphabetical and numerical lessons he had been taught. Until one day, Robert came to me in tears asking “Mommy, why do I feel like one of those little kids who isn’t very smart?” This broke my heart. I immediately changed our course of action and had the distinct pleasure of meeting my therapist. What a delight she is! Robert loved her immediately and eagerly anticipated our weekly sessions. She was fun and friendly to Robert. Incredibly thorough and informative, competent and patient. She brings a flare and a creativity that I personally feel, can’t be taught in a college or university. Her natural ability to get on Robert’s level and befriend him in such a way that he worked without even realizing it, to me, is invaluable. I knew we were in the right place.

Robert’s confidence soared in a very short period of time. He joined a baseball team and made friends; he no longer felt awkward or misunderstood. He started full-day Kindergarten this past September. Given the time restraints, we had to table our weekly sessions until Robert’s in-school evaluation. Last week, I received a call from our District’s speech therapy coordinator. Her exact words were, “I understand you sought privatized speech therapy for Robert last year. You certainly got your money’s worth.” She reviewed everything...Robert’s preschool evaluations, my therapist’s evaluation, his current classroom work; consulted with his teacher and tested him over two days. Robert is well within the recommended guidelines for Kindergarten and is thriving in his classroom setting. Any speech issue he has at this time is a phonics issue which will be addressed as they progress with their reading readiness. Our District does not feel that Robert needs any further therapy. As a matter of fact, he’s easier to understand than most of his peers!

When I hung up the phone, I cried. Had we not met my therapist; had we not had the distinct pleasure of visiting with her every week, he would not be where he is at this moment. If you have children, you know what I’m about to say is the truth…the hardest thing for a mom is to watch her child hurt or struggle even for a moment. Thankfully, I didn’t have to endure that for long. My therapist did an outstanding job and I thank you all, and especially her, from the bottom of my heart.
— Peg